Sunday, September 02, 2007

Success Stories

Last week the Community Linkages Concept Committee (CLCC) asked "What is the plan for rural Newfoundland and Labrador?" The CLCC is interested in the stories from across the province. What is happening that is good? What needs to be done further? What does government need to do? What do we as the people of Newfoundland and Labrador need to do?

The rarely heard part of the story is the "good news" piece of the puzzle. Part of the answer was sent to me by NL Regional Economic Development Association member in Exploits Rod French: "100 Success Stories" from across the province.

As a member of the NLDL and secretary of the CLCC I live for the success stories in this province. I think it is a valuable read - what's happening in your part of the province?


Table Mountains said...

NLDL? how many of those on the go?

one for each political party? here's one.

BNB said...

Hi Wayne. There is only one NLDL and it is made up of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians of all political stripes and persuations.

The NLDL website is temporarily hosted at (normally at is not in any way associated with the NLDL. This is Mr. Ed Hollett's that he acquired for some reason. I will say it was because he was in a pissing match with other NLDL members and acquired it because he has assumed the NLDL as an enemy because he has hurt feelings from people calling him names. He will tell you there was no malicious intent, that he acquired nldl.blogspot just as some cosmic coincidence.

Whatever you believe please be aware that only, and are communications of the NLDL. These websites are stated on the main page of the NLDL website.

I encourage you to check the group out, as well as the Community Linkages Concept Committee at which has a more rural slant.