Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Colourful Election

I'm trying to follow along with the provincial election and do a little writing for October Reign but I have to admit I'm completely thrown for a loop. Time was when being a Liberal, PC or NDP meant something. These days with Red Tories, Blue Grits, Green NDP, it's enough to leave you black and blue.

I'm checking out the candidate for St. John's Centre. A good NDP candidate - unfortunately she's a Liberal. The Premier is talking about baby bonuses and social programs as if he too is an NDP. The NDP are talking about environmental polluters like the Greens. Then the solid Grit Simon Lono casts his vote for a conservative nomination.

... So if Reds are Orange, and Red Blues are actually Orange, and Orange is Green, while Red is actually Blue... wait I have a headache... at the same time I've been accused of being Red, Blue, and Pink White and Green, and one self-righteous blogger even calls me Yellow. Truth is although nothing is black and white, I finally understand Hendrix.

I'm completely in a Purple Haze. Excuse me while I kiss the sky...

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