Tuesday, September 27, 2005

An Addendum

I felt the "Blown Carburetor" post needed an update on the day of the swearing in of the Governor General. Since my original post the GG has denounced the French part of her dual citizenship. A token gesture missing the mark entirely. The dual citizenship isn't particularly the problem is it? The fact that she has a connection to France is her right. Modern Canada was built for and by immigrants, historically we all belong somewhere else. The problem in its entirety is the fact that she has supported or sympathized in some unknown degree with separtists who would see this country destroyed. And now she is the face of that country to the world.

I reserve an amount of redemption for her if she can pull it off. I wait with bated breath to see her in Iqualuit, Amherst, Yellowknife, Stephenville... Her test will be when she leaves Ontario and Quebec and meets the true heart and soul of this dominion.
If we can allow a separatist party to lead the opposition of this knotted country then why not have a separtist as its international representative of the monarch.

Vive la Canada - in one form or another.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Paul Watson's Canada

"Capt" Watson is planning a Canadian Publicity Tour in support of his stance on the Seal Hunt. "The Captain" will be speaking at three locations in BC, two in Alberta, and one location in each of Michigan, Ontario and PEI. Wait a minute, Michigan?! Is Michigan Canadian now?! And what about Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick? What about the place most affected by the policies he is speaking of - Newfoundland and Labrador?

The Captain is missing two essential ingredients that make a true leader - 1: Knowledge - in this case geographical knowledge. 2: A set of testicles. If he doesn't have the stones to face the people most affected by his views then don't bother at all. Of course at $5 and $10 a pop he'll do OK. I have to wonder at Canadians who support this. I think if he brought out the red kool-aid and called himself Father Watson there will still be that same sheep flocking to hear his words.

Father Watson's Cross Country Tour