Friday, September 21, 2007

Danny's Top Ten List

Top Ten Marketing Slogans for Danny’s $1000 a Kid Plan:
(In the tradition of

10. A Penny for your thoughts, and up to $1000 depending on how far you'll go.

9. A picture is worth 1000 bucks (with birth certificate)

8. Stud fees $500 payable in nine months

7. Let's get in started - let's get it started in here!

6. More Bang for your Buck.

5. My last kid wasn't worth a shit!

4. Danny Bucks - Redeemable at Toys R Us

3. New Conservative Campaign Slogan: PC - PLEASE CONCEIVE

2. New pickup line: I'll see your $1000 and raise you THIS!

1. More bread in the oven, more dough in your hands.

1 comment:

charles said...

haha Excellent BnB! I liked them all, but perhaps no. 5 the best.