Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Garbage Day in St. John's

Update: For some reason Google has chosen to place this article high on a search for "St. John's Garbage Day" If you are looking for the schedule:
http://www.stjohns.ca/cityservices/garbage/index.jsp Otherwise if you are looking for general sarcasm and sauce, stay where yer at :)

A city by-law to cover garbage with netting starts on the same day as the opening of the food fishery... coincidence?

I think there is a net-makers mafia at work...


Anonymous said...

netting garbage can be funny...especially when City Council gets into it...however it makes sense. I live in Grand Falls and we have to cover our garbage, not by law, but because if we don't the gulls and crows will tear it apart. Most people will cover their garbage because its gross when you forget to and have to go clean it up. However, there seems to be a few who clearly must know better , but just are too damn lazy or stupid? to do so, and their garbage is spread up and down the side walk and on the street. It should be a by law ,and they should be fined.

that's my humble opinion...$can 0.02 worth.

BNB said...

A fellow Central Newfoundlander. I am not really on side with it to tell you the truth. I haven't opposed it at all but driving to work in the AM is an aweful sight with all of these multicoloured blankets and netting. Personally I think there needs to be a larger waste management plan with recycling and composting. As far as the curbside thing goes I like the idea of garbage bins.

Ironically on my bike run since this started there has been a poopy diaper up against the sidewalk - with a pretty floral sheet next to it.

I get your point, but laziness will always prevail :)

Anonymous said...

as for what to cover garbage with, random blankets and tarps etc, does present a motley image, although not as bad as that of strewn garbage. Perhaps regulation can limit the 'type' of garbage covers. Bins is not a bad idea but does limit volume (if its not already limited)..my output (in spite of recycling and composting) will range from 2-3 bags most weeks, to 6 and more in peak times like xmas, birthdays (2 kids), and spring clean up...etc.

BNB said...

Ya I agree, I think there is a way to make it work. The council out here is pretty wishy-washy though at times. They vote themselves and raise and then cancel it when the public gets loud about it. Then with the whole garbage thing they changed their mind about a dozen times finally deciding on a trial program which started the first of the month.

I think you guys incinerate in that area don't you? We have Robin Hood Bay and the "Plastic Forest" (a nice name for the trees around the dump that have shopping bags strung about) We are a wasteful group aren't we.