Monday, October 15, 2007

The Funny Thing About Clowns

Two cannibals are eating a clown when one turns to the other and says - "does this taste funny to you?"

On October 11 newfoundlandincanada posted a graphic suggesting the Premier of Nova Scotia as a clown. There were hits from the national media looking at that post. The funny thing is that today on October 15 the National Post publishes the editorial below. (re-electing a clown)

So Newfoundlandincanada thinks Rodney MacDonald is a clown for signing Harper's contract, and the National Post thinks Danny is a clown for refusing it.

... so two premiers are reading a contract on equalization when the Newfoundland and Labrador premier says "Does this seem funny to you". (The other premier was to busy signing to reply.)

I'm not a partisan person but I'll wear the over-sized novelty shoes and suggest that Harper, MacDonald and the mainland media stuff it up their collective ass. I'd rather have a big red nose than a brown one.


Re-electing a clown

And to think that in the early days of his government back in 2003, we fairly gushed over the prospects of Danny Williams transforming Newfoundland and Labrador into a “have” province. Back then, though, he was pledging to wean his province off dependence on federal welfare. Instead, Mr. Williams has chosen bombast and continued addiction to Ottawa’s handouts. While his militant schtick has proven wildly popular in Newfoundland — he won re-election on Tuesday with nearly 70% of the total vote — it will prove toxic to his province in the long run.

Almost from the start, Mr. Williams showed himself to be a tub-thumping populist from the Huey Long school. He stormed out of a first minsters’ meeting on equalization when then-prime minister Paul Martin dared suggest equalization to have-not provinces should begin to go down once they’ve reached “have” status. Later, Mr. Williams ordered all Canadian flags pulled down from above Newfoundland’s provincial buildings. After Stephen Harper and his Conservatives took over in 2006, Mr. Williams ran national newspaper ads against the federal government, urging people to vote “ABC” — Anybody but Conservatives.

The Premier also likes to talk tough with the oil companies looking to develop his province’s Hibernia South and Hebron offshore oil fields. This, too, has proven itself popular with voters but has cost the provincial economy hundreds of millions —if not billions — of dollars.

Thanks to Mr. Williams’ demands for “superroyalties” from the oil companies, the Hibernia field has been shelved for the foreseeable future and the Hebron field will now go ahead only because Mr. Williams swallowed his pride and made major concessions.

Like all demagogues, Mr. Williams is fond of the pronoun “I” — as in I won the deal with the oil companies through my personal “determination and strength of conviction.” If “ I’ve accomplished anything here, I just think it’s that: Pride in Newfoundland and Labrador.” Only I can back down Stephen Harper. His victory speech on Tuesday evening barely acknowledged that he had a caucus and party around him.

Meanwhile, while Mr. Williams was huffing and puffing his way to victory, Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald was quietly negotiating a settlement in the Ottawa-Atlantic equalization skirmish. Under terms of his deal with the Harper government, Nova Scotia may accept the new equalization formula offered in last spring’s budget, or it may opt for the old formula any time it feels the new one is shortchanging the province.

The same deal is open to Mr. Williams, but he has painted himself into such a rhetorical corner to win re-election, it’s hard to see how he could agree — even though it is a better deal for his province than the one it currently has.

Mr. Williams is a character. Of that there is no doubt. But his outsized ego and inflammatory stunts are hurting the people who voted him into office.


Simon said...

But they are both still clowns.

BNB said...

hahaha, perhaps. Better the clown you know though. Like I said, better a brown nose or a red one?

Ussr said...

"Like I said, better a brown nose or a red one?"

especially a "Red Liberial Nose"

Nice to see you back "simon".Hows "EDDY" doing.OH by the way,sorry to hear about the election.Maybe next time.

NL-ExPatriate said...

Ahh your too hard on the poor old fiddler on the Brown Nose.

He is between the Rock and a hard place Ottawa.

Just another move by the chess master Ottawa (ON/QU) to manipulate the pawns (Colonies) for the benefit of the empire.

I'm telling you it isn't Harper anymore than it was Martin or Chretien or Dion if he gets in. It's the system and the sooner people look beyond the game and realize we have to take care of ourselves first and stop sending yes men who belong to either one of the national federal parties where the national party line is drawn by the majority ON/QU. In which that party has to do what's in their own best interest of getting elected by pandering to ON/QU or the best interest of the majority of canadians not the best interest of the majority of the members of this so called federation the better off we will be.

God: run on but hey you get the gist.
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