Monday, August 13, 2007

Cuba-Sugar (A Little Side Bar for a Monday Morning)

This story is not the usual ramblings from Our Place in Canada but it's an interesting read. This lady is 107, living in poverty in Cuba but has a fortune in Boston. Guess where she was born?


Rich Boyd said...

Please note that the article itself states that Mrs. McCarthy's Cuban assets were stolen ("nationalized") by Castro after his "revolution". And I find it interesting that she states that her frozen Boston assets would mostly be used for medication: isn't this the same Cuba that Michael Moore and others would have us believe has the most progessive and fair socialist health care in the world? How is it that Mrs. McCarthy cannot access this marvelous system?

BNB said...

Hmmm that's an interesting point Rich... I never that of that. I have no doubt that she had a drastic change in lifestyle when Castro came on board. I'd love to see a good documentary jounalist tell her story.