Thursday, August 23, 2007

Almost Canadian

...and have-not will be no more - won't that be sweet. The sad irony will be contributing to the equalization payments to the "have-not" Quebec. ...I mean as a part of the federation across the top of the table instead of underneath via Churchill Falls...

Enjoy the moment - ahhhhhh nice!


Ussr said...

Kinda makes you sick alittle doesnt it.Looking at what we give to Canada and what we get back from it.But,what Quebec gets from us is enough to make the strongest man fight to keep his lunch down.

Oh Boy,sometimes my man I ask myself "Do we need them or do they need us"

The Hebron deal has shown me one thing and one thing only.That if we were not part of Canada would we be better off.Damb right.Makes this "Newfie" wonder why we have no trust in ourselves.Maybe its 58 years of ,"C'mon Newfieland,your too stunned to be by yourself."And Im wondering why we feel we have to be apart of this sick lie called confederation.

BNB said...

Ya, you are right on Ussr. I think there is a definate attitude on the mainland that we are too stunned to be by ourselves, like you said. What surprises me though is sometimes I actually hear that kind of thing from fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. Doesn't matter whether you think we are better off in Canada or without Canada - we all need to start having more confidence and pride in ourselves.