Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dinner with the Canadians

Sitting at the table of confederation with Canada is like Christmas at Nan's. Nan has a big ol' table - but also a big ol' family to fit around that table - So the overrun of course have to sit at "the kids table". (The kids table being a colloquial for coffee table with a plastic cover.)

It was quaint when I was a young gaffer of eight. As I get older and heavier though it is becoming harder to sit on the floor and fashion a table out of my kneecaps. Unfortunately given the size of my maternal family there will never be a seat for me at the "Big" table.

For some reason I was reminded of dining at the kid's table after the budget last night. Newfoundland and Labrador sitting with its knees up into its chest next to cousin Sasketchewan. Happy to be invited but knowing that no matter how many dinners we sit down to, we'll always be sitting at the kid's table - eating our mustard pickles and kam while our older siblings carve the turkey.

Throw us a giblet - please - Sasketchwan just ate my pickled beets.

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