Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Wolf in Sheep's (faux fur) clothing

Note: I wrote this bloody quick so excuse any rambling, grammar or other bits of weirdness. I told myself enough with the animal hypocrites and racists 'leave them to their little utopian world' - but allow me to get this out of my head and into the keyboard before my head pops...

Remember the old bugs bunny cartoons with Fred and Ralph; the sheep dog and coyote? We have something akin to that in the animal rights movement. Except that the wolf (coyote) in sheeps clothing claims also to be the shepherd. Weird or what?

Case in point Dr. Danny Penman - all the charm of a little Harry Potter. Came over here to observe the seal hunt, an impartial observer - but listen closely - he uses the lingo of the extremists "baby seals", "slaughter", "the rest of the world". Got the old Spidey sense tingling so I did a web search. Among the articles I found was an article from the Daily Mail saying how bad Sushi was for you - toxic, cancinogenic and even fattening! Another about the seal hunt which he describes as appaling... No strong words like that though when he walks up to our local news with the "please ma'm, I want some-more" look on his face.

Most interesting though is the article I found here where it describes how he used a pseudonom to buy the materials for chemical weapons. Should we be concerned about this? He was buying them as an experiment to write a little piece perhaps get on a chat show or two... no harm done. We can take him for his word right?

I never condone violence and that is where myself and these shepherds of compassion differ. I wonder though if it would not be beneficial for humanity to give them a legislated "cuff up the side of the head"? Not to be violent, more like your daddy did when he caught you with that cigarette.

Chemical weapons for fun and entertainment:
(Look for the KO article)

Sushi is Evil!


kodak said...

Interesting. Every one of those self-proclaimed "objective" reporters really have to be checked out. While he does come across as mild mannered, he came when a one sided agenda. I listened to some of the VOCM call-in show this morning, and he was contacted by Randy Simms. The words he used were in the same vein as you mentioned ... "we feared for our lives". Unfortunately this will be presented to the public as the innocent Ghandi-like protesters being savaged by perhaps a "group of controlling Imperialists Englishmen". Now that would be unjust.

NL-ExPatriate said...

I heard about this guy and the ARA's he's with on VOCM when Sue Kelland-Dyer tore him a new ass hole with her investigative journalism.

Too bad she didn't publish this stuff somewhere where it got more exposure.

I couldn't even begin to try and put into words what she exposed this guy as.
I did write down a few key phrase in hopes of putting something together
-freelance journalist
-Has company called managing editors LOL like MC D's company called 100% pure beef LOL
-He's Vegatarian
-Published Book-man and beast Did you shed a tear for what you munched on for breakfast.
-Foreign Nationals
-Credibility for sale
-Rent a journalist

She did start a couple of blogs but hasn't quite figured out the bloggoshere I don't think. She keeps making one trick ponies ahhhhhhhhh.