Sunday, April 09, 2006

Boycotts vs Bull Shit

Just about a fortnight has passed since Newfoundland and Labradorians were told that Seal Oil Capsules has been removed from the shelves of Costco. Just about a fortnight since we were told that the whims of a racist had removed the Newfoundland product from the shelves of St. John's. If you had visited Costco today though you could not have entered the store without having to sidestep the cases of the product smack-dab in the entrance way. A couple of bottles of the capsules also sit neatly at each cash register. There is an obvious statement that Costco is making:

We have heard and we have responded.

It is rather interesting to me in considering this local Boycott of Costco. The effects were large enough for anyone to notice. All but empty parking lot at the store, line-ups for canceling memberships. Newspapers, openline shows filled with the buzz about Costco. Funny that the Capt. claims in his correspondance that Costco can expect "some (limited) Fallout in Newfoundland". Observe the limited fallout. The effects of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians was loud and clear - and the response was just about a couple of weeks in the making. I find it interesting because I look at this Boycott and compare it to the farse of a Boycott that is supposed to be making a dent in the Canadian Seafood industry. The seafood Boycott has been ineffectual. Why? Because it is based on Bull Shit. Restaurants that are not aware they are on a Boycott list, others that never serve Canadian Seafood anyway - this is their idea of a Boycott. The price of seal pelts is better than ever, support for Canadians in favour of a well-managed hunt is stronger than ever. What Boycott?

One of the clearest indicators of the ineffectiveness of the extremist rhetoric is during their big day of action to protest sealing on March 15. The hype would have us believe that we could expect something resembling the fall of the berlin wall. Instead there is a brief mention of the couple of dozen people with signs here and there throughout the US and Europe. Something like 60 people in Washington? That's not a protest, give me any day of the week and I can get you a couple hundred people together for a photo on the waterfront in St. John's.

Now the KKK posse is angered that the "N" race has won the Costco battle. They are countering with an all-out Boycott of Costco. I'm not even sure who I'll be routing for on this one. Costco in all other locations except St. John's deserves a good kick in the sack for listening to the racist ramblings of a biggot. At the very least if this was some big mis-understanding like they initially claimed they can take a swap to the pills for not denouncing the stupid statements right off the bat.

I suspect though that Costco need not shake in it's Vinyl Boots over the KKK posse. If their Costco boycott has as much affect as the Seafood boycott, Costco is in for a great year. An honest Boycott beats one based on Bull Shit any day of the week.


kodak said...

Well put bnb. Thank God there are enough intelligent people out there to see through the bull continually and desperately used to cripple an industry and it's people. It's ironic that Pam Anderson, who depends on fake breasts to make millions, calls people who make $5000 or so from honest work, "greedy hunters". But that's the basic method of groups like PETA and the Shepherds, to sell an idea based on false images and information.

BNB said...

It'll be interesting to follow their so called Boycott of Costco. Fill your boots I say.

SkylarKD said...

Does anyone know if Newfoundland Costco members are responding to the re-stocking of the capsules by buying them in decent numbers?

I'd hate to hear Costco say that they restocked them, but they decided to pull them again because they weren't selling well.

BNB said...

The word is that they are actually doing quite well selling the capsules. Also people are returning to shop in the same numbers they used to.

My guess is that the sales will dwindle off again though. There was a little boom when John Efford was the poster boy for the things then it died off. I suspect the same will happen again.

Ironically there is a little seal industry boom right now. (You can get flipper pie for Good Friday at some of the fish and chips joints!)

I like your profile portrait by the way. I've been trying to take a decent photo of myself but I'm not working with much to start with :) Maybe a nice landscape like Kodak's.

NL-ExPatriate said...

Thanks for the pics.

Now we just need to smack Exxon/Mobile AKA ESSO up side the head and tell them to start playing fair and stop being the bully.

I know I have. I always used to get my gas at ESSO AKA Exxon/Mobile but since they demanded 500 Million in tax incentives from NL to develop the Hebron Ben-Nevis project when the other three partners were in agreement I can't in good NL faith support ESSO AKA Exxon/Mobile in their money grubbing endeavours at the expense of NL. Especially when they made the most profits of any company in history last year 10 000 000 000 Billion for one company.

OH I went to Costco last week-end and as usual didn't get outta there untill I had 300$ in my cart :(

NL-ExPatriate said...

just a correction to my comment, the 10 Billion ESSOn/Mobile made last year was in the last quarter over all they made profits of 33 billion.
They paid their retiring CEO 400 million CDN as a retirement gift when 500 million was a deal breaker with NL on the Hebron Ben Never Pro?ject