Thursday, October 27, 2005

When Mainlanders Come to Town

I guess this one qualifies as weird news.

While Stephen Harper was in St. John's recently he followed a great Newfoundland Group called 8-track favourites. Turns out the band had a lucky charm of sorts in the form of a bra that was donated one night by a very enthusiastic fan. The bra even has its own pet-name, the boys dubbed her "Yvette". Turns out that after the leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition had his few words to the Conservative crowd poor ole Yvette went missing. The boys feared that Yvette had fallen for the big city charms and cowboy suave of Mr. Harper. They e-mailed Mr. Harper's office and explained their concern for her virtue. By this time her innocence was already spoiled. Harper was at this point probably hurrying from a hotel room - shirt partially unbuttoned and sticking through his fly like a little fabric weiner, saying "ya ya, I'll call you."

But the story has a happy ending. Apparently someone from Steve's office said they forgot to get their "Harper's Bazaar" and an aide thought that he said "get Harper's brassiere" - Innocent enough. Yvette has been returned to the band just in time for her to participate in Bras-Across-The-Bay in aid of breast cancer awareness month. She will join her sisters hand-in-hand across Quidi-Vidi on October 28 at 10:30am. Even though there will likely be larger bras than the one from Harper, I bet neither one came from a bigger boob.

CBC News Story

Congratulations to the organizers and sponsors of this event

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