Monday, September 19, 2005

Paul Watson's Canada

"Capt" Watson is planning a Canadian Publicity Tour in support of his stance on the Seal Hunt. "The Captain" will be speaking at three locations in BC, two in Alberta, and one location in each of Michigan, Ontario and PEI. Wait a minute, Michigan?! Is Michigan Canadian now?! And what about Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick? What about the place most affected by the policies he is speaking of - Newfoundland and Labrador?

The Captain is missing two essential ingredients that make a true leader - 1: Knowledge - in this case geographical knowledge. 2: A set of testicles. If he doesn't have the stones to face the people most affected by his views then don't bother at all. Of course at $5 and $10 a pop he'll do OK. I have to wonder at Canadians who support this. I think if he brought out the red kool-aid and called himself Father Watson there will still be that same sheep flocking to hear his words.

Father Watson's Cross Country Tour


NL-ExPatriate said...

Exerpt from Paul Watsons email campaign.

"With cod populations at less than 1% of pre-Columbian levels, the seal has become the scapegoat for the excesses of the Canadian and foreign drag trawler fleets that plundered the Grand Banks for decades, and left very little behind."

How does he know the numbers of pre-Colombian cod population numbers.

This is just one of the comments in the letter that highlights the bold misrepresentation by Wat to further his Bank Account at the expense of Canada and NL!

If you would like a copy of the entire letter email me. I got it from

Just went to his site now he's robbing people at the expense of the animals in New Orleans LOL.

Had out the cool aid I'm a firm believer in Darwin's theory of the Strong shall survive.

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