Thursday, August 18, 2005

If Newfoundland is Canada's Squeaky Wheel, Quebec is a Blown Carburetor

When I first read of Michaelle Jean's appointment as Governor General I thought it was a great decision and an inspirational story. I was proud that she would be representing the monarchy in Canada. My opinion has now changed 180 degrees. What a stab in the heart of Canada.

The truth is the PM was struck with a dilemma. Of course it would be great to choose a Governor- General from Quebec but he would either find a Nationalist that was hated by half of Quebec or a Separatist that was hated by the other half (and most of Canada). In finding Ms. Jean the Paul Martin has found a person who claims to be dedicated to Canada, but with enough of a separatist past to keep the sovereignists at bay. Good pick on his part.


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NL-ExPatriate said...

If anything is to be learned from this post it is that Squeaking is good for your people. And I'm not talking about hand outs either mainlanders. There are lots of opportunities in NL.

I'll just name a few

Fish farming.
hey it's not Bombardier but it's what we know and have the resources to accomplish with the right backing and support. I don't mean DFO officers patroling the 3 mile limit in zodiaks and charging 75 year old men for illegally catching a cod in the protest fishery.

Co-op's by the people for the people
in the interests of the people!

Blue berry farming seed money shall we call it.

OMG realistic forestry management. You just need to look at NB and Irving to see what responsible forestry management is. May as well throw in recycling there to.

What about trout and salmon farming or do we need to study this for another 10 years untill the global economy has priced us out of the market too. Co-op's baby co-op's if nothing else well be well fed.

Labrador is and should be Newfoundlands focus if we really want to stay apart of this great country. It is only through Labrador we will ever gain access to markets and remain a market.

PEI bridge cost 840,000,000$
Population 200,000

Cost per person 4,200$

Proposed N-L link 1,400,000,000$
Population WMJ 500,000

cost per person 2,800$

If we weren't so neglected oer the years there would be suitable roads already in place but as it stands the Trans Labrador Highway won't be completed until 2009. Dirt at that, need rebate on tires and cars to compensate.

Power corridor across all of Canada and not just those who don't want to separate. Starting with a corridor Across NL apart of the fixed link if you will.

Just to name a few! we have the unemployed all's we need is the seed money and support from big brother. Were not looking for hand outs if anything we want back some of what we've handed out in the form of Hydro, mineral revenues and people god help or people come home.

Even our Victoria cross winner

Croke, John Bernard

Croke, John Bernard, soldier (b at Little Bay, Nfld 18 May 1892; d near Amiens, France 9 Aug 1918). At an early age Croke moved with his family to Glace Bay, NS, where he later worked in the coal mines. During WWI he served with the 13th Infantry Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, Quebec Regiment and was recognized and honoured for valour on 8 August 1918 during the opening stage of the Battle of AMIENS. Croke was the posthumous recipient of the first Victoria Cross awarded a Newfoundlander. Single-handedly, he bombed a machine-gun nest and captured the crew and gun. Despite a severe wound, he rejoined his platoon and led a charge into a trench line, capturing 3 guns and the garrison. Again he was severely wounded, and died shortly after.

Was forced to outmigrate. Unsure here just speculation. Maybe he moved due to family or what ever issues, but I have a strong suspicion it was due to work shortages.

Apparently his VC presently resides in NS? Unable t find anything confirming or denying this?