Friday, January 29, 2010

UFO! No You F.O.!

Ed Hollett who calls himself a humble e-scribber appears on the NTV Pre-news as Newfoundland and Labrador's UFO expert.  Wow! I would not have guessed that UFO researcher was on his CV.  Maybe he is right, maybe the south coast UFO is just a plane.  I ran it by my own staff of experts here at NewfoundlandinCanada.  Here is what they discovered.  First off an enhancement of the original image shows three distinct lines of light and dark (a fusilage and two wings) as well as two distinct vapour trails (from the wings).  My expert Dr. Shagov concludes Mr. Hollett may be correct that this is indeed simply a commerical plane.

I had to dig further, as is my nature.  I had Dr. Shagov enhance the photo to the greatest possible enhancement (CSI would envy the talent I have here).  What she found was even more surprising than Mr. Hollett's epiphany...

Why the secrecy?  This is in fact a PeTA plane! Sent from New York for the PM's visit to St. John's.  PeTA was reluctant to give details as to the cargo but an insider informs NewfoundlandinCanada it is in fact a load of Tofu Pies and Wingnuts from New York.  The delivery obviously had to be expedited because tofu pies that are past their freshness starts to smell like puffin farts, and like the delicate orchid, wingnuts do not keep well in captivity.

So there is is, nuff said about the Harbour Mille Missle.


Charlie Cheeseman said...

haha, that's good! Yeah, PETA and it's "truth" seeking missiles of PETA Fundraisers not for Haiti or something real and worthwhile, but for their continued slandering of people and a humane industry.

BNB said...

I do like their stripper videos though, but they are best enjoyed with the sound turned down.