Thursday, January 29, 2009

George Orwell and Budget 2009

George Orwell in "Animal Farm" wrote "All Animals are created Equal, but some are more equal than others." The latter part of the phrase of course was added to a constitution wrote with originally good intentions.

It has a whiff of Newfoundland and Labrador's place in Canada doesn't it. Does anyone else smell a pig?

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NL-ExPatriate said...

Thanks for the info.

Efford, Manning, Liberal, or Conservative whatever it doesn't matter what national party you elect MP's to they are all the same when you belong to a minority prov in this phoney federation. All of the national parties have to work within the same tyranny of the majority system where in order to win power you need to be on the good side of the majority and the majority in this confederation live in Ontario and Quebec. 66% to be exact and further to that some 50%of the canadian population live in the urban cities none of which count from our province. You must be delusional if you think any national party will go to bat for 1.5% of the population and that includes the MP's you elect to those same national parties. Sure we don't even comprise the margin of error in the polls which is usually 3%. It isn't the national parties we need to change as we have see nit is the political system of Democratic Discrimination against the minority provinces by all of the national parties in favor of vote buying in the majority provinces. You could be playing this game till the cows come home of electing one or the other national proxy parties for ON/QU and expecting a different result and never change a thing. These are all symptoms the real root cause of our place in confederation is our lack of equality. If you really want to send a message to the confederation and have your elected MP's stand up for you tell them to cross the floor and stand up as Newfoundland and Labrador First MP's. As for defeating the budget it can only be done with the Liberals or in the Senate that is assuming Iggy doesn't tell the Liberal senators to pass it Like DIon did. So much for sober second thought. The senate is nothing but an extension of the systemically flawed HOC Per Capita Colonialism. Let your Newfoundland and Labrador MP, Senator or cabinet representative know what you think. MP HOC,,,,,,, Senators,,,,,