Friday, September 19, 2008

Divided We Fall

I am election weary, that's the truth of it. I'm finding it hard to give a shit this time around. I've dived into the murky waters before. I helped Siobhan Coady with her website (new year's eve working on that damn thing). I consulted with the NL First on the website (now has my logo concept and photos). I've e-mailed back and forth with Loyola Hearn (even when his DFO attempted to destroy my income - a blog for another time). I've set up a blog for Peg Norman and offered her advice and help (it was turned down). I wear the grey shirt of non-partisanship, because I believed in the political process. I've stretched my resources across all colours because I believe as Barack Obama has said "Patriotism knows no party". Nice thought but for Newfoundland and Labrador it has no merit. This time around I am coming up for air.

In this and every federal election we must choose our colours. The spectrum makes the political landscape look like a candy store. Conservative, Progressive Canadians, Liberals, NL First, NDP, Greens, Labour, Communists, Bloc, Rhino... for the indecisive Vanilla is not an option. It's not surprising that in my Newfoundland and Labrador we fly the Pratt Flag, the Union Jack, The Maple Leaf, The Labrador Tricolour, the Pink White and Green, Red Ensign, and various other incarnations to represent what it is to be Newfoundlander or Labradorian. (How do I wear my heart on my sleeve when it has been removed.) One thing for certain with 7 of 303 MPs - can Newfoundland and Labrador afford the luxury of division?

In 2009 Newfoundland and Labrador will have 7 MPs of various stripes in Ottawa, the Big Land of Labrador only 1. Each towing their own party line. Every one of them proud and patriotic. None of them with any capacity to bring this Newfoundland and Labrador any closer to being truly Canadian.

Sometimes I long for the simplicity of America. The simple, figurative and literal choice of black or white.

For a colourblind voter like myself the best argument for my vote comes from the NL First, in that a vote for them will at least see $3 from elections Canada returned to Newfoundland and Labrador. Our future for some pocket change, may as well follow the precedent of history.

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