Saturday, August 30, 2008

Speak for Ourselves - CLCC launches campaign

Ray Johnson of Buddy Wasisname fame and chair of the Community Linkages Concept committee recently announced the "Speak for Ourselves" campaign. Saturday August 30 The Telegram, has an article by DAVE BARTLETT speaking of the project.

The Campaign is asking for feedback from people in communities all over the province. What is the good, the bad and the ugly about your community? What untapped potential is there? What is its future?

The CLCC is asking that you email The website is

UPDATE: The CLCC has posted these seven questions that might spark some of your feedback:

1) What are the problems facing your community?

2) What potential do you see in your community?

3) How can the province’s new found oil wealth be used to benefit rural areas?

4) How important is culture and heritage to you?

5) How can our culture and heritage be protected or enhanced?

6) What business opportunities exist in your area and how can government help to make breathe life into these opportunities?

7) What is the state of youth in rural communities?

People can contact the CLCC the following ways:
It’s website:
Via e-mail at
Or by mail:
P.O. Box 122
Lower Island Cove, NL
A0A 2W0


Charles Cheeseman said...

It's a good idea for this type of "self assessment" to take place anytime. I was involved briefly in a community economic development project many years ago and that formula by another name was used - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. It made people think about what's possible, what's not, but at least assessing where they live and pondering reality.

BNB said...

Hey Charles, sounds like some good experience. We'd love to have your input sometime within the CLCC. You might get a phone call ;)