Thursday, July 10, 2008

Big (and beautiful) Land

A colleague of mine was describing coastal Labrador from helicopter and fixed wing. I searched these out on Google Earth. Truly extraordinary...

(Look at these full size to get an appreciation for the landscape. The Lat and Long is in the bottom left if you want to find these.)

Kiglapait Mountains in Northern Coastal Labrador, Mistastin Impact Crater - Northern Labrador and Waterways North of Nain.


NL-ExPatriate said...

and the fish are bigger in the big land. Great pics thnks!

WJM said...

And yet, not one image of Labrador is used in any of the Newfoundland and... Newfoundland and... Newfoundland and... how does it go again? Oh yeah, "Newfoundland Labrador" provincial government tourism advertising campaign.

Not one.

BNB said...

I can think of no better tourism draw than to see this Labrador coast from the air or by sea. I can see the ad in my mind. Some day when I get time and money. Truly beautiful.

A friend from home used to fish near Lobstick Lake. Nice Fish up there.