Friday, March 07, 2008

Home. Care?

I've been keeping my head low these days, trusting that the powers that be have more sense than I give them credit for. For this one though I have to pull my head from the sand. On the suggestion that seniors may be removed from their home care in Labrador and moved to facilities in St. John's. ( I shake my head) I won't jump the gun on this - except to say that this situation would be incredibly calous and uncaring. Are we suggesting that a man or woman who has lived their lives in Labrador, and calls Labrador home, should now be moved to the island to live out their final days?! St. John's is a gem of a city, but to suggest that it is reasonable to displace a Labradorian and have them breath their last breath away from their home in our capital is viewing the world through a set of glasses that skews perspective. St. John's is not the centre of the universe in our Newfoundland and Labrador.

I make this statement with every bit of selfish intent, for fear of someone deciding for me in 2048 that the best place for me is Toronto. God Forbid.

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nadinebc said...

it is a very sad situation indeed.