Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Face of Outmigration


NL-ExPatriate said...

Pubic announcement hope you don't mind.

Accountability Rally

Peter Whittle is trying to put together a large rally at the Confederation building in support for the Premier's stand on Equalization.

He is in the process of getting his ducks in a row for this rally. He is talking with WST, St. John Ambulance, organizing groups (unions, etc.) and otherwise organizing the event rather than just doing it and hoping for the best.

He is also looking for anyone who is interesting in helping out on an organizing committee so if you have some time to do this you can reach Mr. Whittle at:

[b] or by phone at: 576-2330.[/b]

Mr. Whittle is also asking that anyone interested in this pass his email address along to friends and associates who might also be interested so he can guage the level of support. He is also asking anyone who can do so to go on the open line programs over the next few days and support his efforts, ask questions and otherwise stir up public support.

VOCM also has as the question of the day for this week-end:

Do you support plans for a massive rally on Confederation Hill to support the premier in the equalization fight? Why or why not?

Currently at:
Yes 78%
No 22%
undecided 0%

Lots of good comments and slogans for making up plackards and signs.

Someone also suggested flying the canadian flag at half mast and upside down. The international sign of nation in distress.

Anonymous said...

daddy had to leave for Alberta because the provincial government doesn't want smart people who are willing to invest in their education and in their communities.

BNB said...

There is certainly something to be said for that anon. The history of N&L is unfortunately on eof oppression - be it federal and provincial governments, fishing admirals or merchants. Changes in Newfoundland and Labrador will have to come about at the grassroads level.

I'd love to hear your experiences with the provincial government, I am working with groups trying to create positive change- e-mail