Sunday, January 07, 2007

For the Love of Cod

Atlantic Cod, from Highliner in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, purchased at Costco in St. John's, Product of China. These little cod fillets have more miles on them than a dancer at the Piccadilly Pub.


NL-ExPatriate said...

Ahh why are you picking on the picadilly club dancers.

I know where your coming from though. You can see from the filets how small those fish were. If they were trout you would be thrown in jail for catching undersized fish like that.

Ahh but that is what you get when you allow the indescriminant practice of bottom dragging, to continue as is on the 40% of your continental shelf which lies outside the arbitrary 200 mile line in the sea. Where 60% of the worlds bottom dragging takes place by some 20 countries night and day with 200 foot fish plants.

At anytime of the night or day there will be anywhere from 5 to 35, 2-300 foot long foreign fish plants dragging the bottom of the nose, tail and flemish cap of our continental shelf and we have to buy fish from china, move to alberta to find work, and farm fish so we will have something to eat and process?

MrChills said...

The Picadilly...

Too funny, when I turned 19, we did a Strip Club Pub Crawl through St. John's and started at this scary place. Thanks for digging up memories that I have been trying to supress ;)