Wednesday, November 29, 2006

If I had a Pink Car - Could I Have a Pink Car-Nation?

Apparently the government of Canada is finally giving out free Nationhood status to anyone with a bone to pick about the constitution. The criterion is not distinction, because Newfoundland and Labrador would certainly be on the short-list for mini-nationhood if that were the deciding factor. It also isn’t history, because again – we have the least history in the federation and are the only people in the Canadian family who can still remember what it was like to have our own place (pink white and green flags for curtains, and what an ocean view!) No - the experience with being a separate nation and the issue of distinction are not the criteria for subletting the country with your own small “n” nation. The deciding factor is language!

This will be welcome news to my Uncle Jason who has been living for years “off the grid” on Carnation Rock in the Bay of Exploits. No one except his wife from Haiti has been able to understand Jason since they married in 1976, so he certainly fits the criteria for establishing his own nation:

So it gives me great elation to declare The Rock of Carnation its own federation, a nation within a nation where uncle Jason and the Haitian have been on permanent vacation, now I’ve lost my concentration… What in tarnation?!

Ah hell now I’m all confused. All I really wanted to know is if Quebec is a nation within a nation do I still have to go through Montreal to visit my brother-in-law in Whitby?


kodak said...

Good one bnb. I'm surprised at the speed at which the approval of this idea has taken. It came from out of the blue, everyone seems to be trying to determine just what being a nation is, and what implications that might have. It's suspicious when you got the Bloc happy to support it. It's a bit scary that there is so much support when there are lots of unknowns. I guess it's a great political seat getter in Quebec for the PC's next election.

NL-ExPatriate said...

I would really like to meet your uncle living off the grid on Carnation rock sometime.

BNB said...

hahaha excellent. I took some liberties with this one - he is actually a mixture of a couple of my uncles... and the wife isn't Haitian (but I needed a rhyme :))

(Also don't bother looking up Carnation Rock on a map, the name was changed to protect the innocent :))