Monday, June 12, 2006

Our Connection is Down

It's not always easy staying connected. The enjoyment of grabbing a book and finding a comfortable place to lay your buns does wonders for the brain fog that accumulates over the long winter months.

Here's a quick list of some underappreciated Newfoundland and Labrador literature for your summer reading material.

1. Norman Duncan's "The Way of the Sea". First Published in 1903
2. "Them Days" Magazine out of Labrador
3. The "Newfoundland Quarterly"
4. "Wild on the Crest" One of the best collections of Newfoundland and Labrador Poetry ever assembled. Look for E.J. Pratt, Micheal Crummey, Otto Kelland and many others.
5. "Newfoundland at the Crossroads - Documents on Confederation with Canada" Edited by Dr. J. Fitzgerald.
6. "The Woman who mapped Labrador" the latest incarnation of this remarkable story of the exploration of interior Labrador that started with "Lure of the Labrador Wild"


NL-ExPatriate said...

I just picked up Brian Peckfords Book and John Crosby's book at a flea market in Halifax for 2$ each hard cover and in good condition.

Living in Upper Canada has it's benefits I guess, cheap NL books.

BNB said...

That's a couple of books on my list to read. I heard John Crosby's book is good. I was a little surprised when my uncle in Alberta read it and recommended it.

I just got back from lunch where I bought a book of short stories by Bernice Morgan. $2 is a great price, I paid $8 for this one second-hand.

WJM said...

Since when is Halifax in "Upper Canada"?