Thursday, February 23, 2006

Curling's New Pub Food - Crow and Humble Pie

It was so great to have the tremendous support for Brad Gushue, Mark Nichols, Russ Howard, Jamie Korab, Mike Adam and Toby McDonald. Canada's elite Curling team is about to bring home a medal. Tomorrow we will know which colour.

A couple of reminders of the support that has backed Brad's team all the way to Italy.

"It's his first Brier, maybe he learned something from it" "What's he won? Something like $47 in his career while he's playing guys who have half a million or a million dollars in career earnings and been to 10 Briers or some such?" - Randy Ferby - Alberta. March 2003

"[Gushue's Newfoundland and Labrador Team has no chance of winning the Olympic Trials]" Jeff Stoughton, Manitoba. December 2005

"It's the biggest thing to happen in The Land Cod Forgot since the invention of the pogey cheque... The local sport of baby-seal whacking is no longer coming across on TV as a great spectator sport... Newfies finally have someone named Skip to look up to again whose livelihood doesn't depend on a cod fish to be born later... Newfoundland has Newfie Screech, ice, rocks. Curling? Booze, ice and rocks. Brad Gushue, The Natural. Coming soon to a National Film Board video... Locals now have something to chew the fat over --other than that yucky whale blubber they've been gnawing on for those CBC retrospectives the past 50 years." Bill Lankof - Columnist with the Toronto Sun December 2005

With such support it's no wonder this team has done Canada proud. For the gents above I suggest it is time to Eat Crow. If that is not to your taste please come to Newfoundland and Labrador - there are any number of great chefs in the province who will be glad to bake you a nice humble pie.

Update: Congratulations to our Gold Medal Team. They are an inspiration.

(Yes I'm still alive)

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