Thursday, December 22, 2005

Addendum- Out of Our Hands - The Portnoys of Marystown

A person lives in Marystown for about a decade, has Canadian kids, a pregnant wife, friends who care for them and will fight for them.

The Canadian government decides his fate... He is snatched from his family and thrown in jail in St. John's. He awaits a teleconference call with officials in MONTREAL. There is no one in Newfoundland and Labrador with any immigration authourity beyond making sure customs is in place to prevent cheap liquor from St. Pierre.

We have no say into who lives in our land...

Tell them how you feel:
1-800-461-9999 2 to get you out of the main menu then 0 for the operator

You'll get thrown around but enough calls bouncing through their maze of bureaucracy might sink into the right head just a little bit. And believe me - you will encounter the federal experience. I first had to clarify that Portnoy was not a place in Newfoundland and Labrador but an honust to God person. Then I had to explain what Marystown is.

This my friends is why it takes a decade to rubber stamp an application...


NL-ExPatriate said...

I really have to wonder if this guy isn't just playing us?

He's had a child every time they threaten to deport him.

He realizes that his case isn't getting any national news coverage so what does he do he goes out on a charitable clothing drive when he knows the boogie man is watching and waiting outside for him. What better way to get caught than to be caught doing a charitable work?

What better time than during christmas and during an election oh the gods are shining on him with this opportunity and he knows it.

Sorry to be so cynical but the coincidence is just to much to ignore.

All of the cynicism aside I do think his family has passed the 10 years sponsorship benchmark even if it was broken time.

BNB said...

Hi NL-Expatriate. Thanks for making that point and it is certainly a valid one. I would say it is not an uncommon opinion for sure. For me there is a couple of points that really grate on my nerves about this one though.

First of all is the fact that due to the incompetence of the system this decision was made after the Portnoy's have fully established there roots here. One decade later is way too bloody long to stamp a sheet of paper.

Secondly there is a tremendous amount of support in Marytown for this family. I have to trust the people who know him best to form the most accurate accessment of the situation.

Thirdly all dealings with this case is done on the mainland. Even with the most recent issue after Alexas was grabbed by the police they had to set up a conference call with Montreal!

And last but not least is the welfare of all of the children some of whom are Born and Bred Newfoundlanders.

But your point is well taken. I just think the federal government has the biggest responsibility for allowing this inhumane set of circumstances.

Perhaps the biggest lesson is not with this family specifically but with the system that is in dire need of over-haul.